Remix (RMX) is a community driven, CryptoNote based coin created to focus on privacy and decentralization.

The core objective of Remix development centers on continued research
to further the goal of becoming a pure anonymous, secure, true electronic currency.

  • fungible
  • community driven
  • active development

ASIC Resistant
by design

Remix utilizes the ASIC/FPGA resistant POW algorithm, Cryptonight Heavy. Built upon the proven Cryptonight algorithm, Cryptonight Heavy aims to further deter ASIC/FPGA mining developments, resulting in a substantially stronger decentralized consensus.

Community Driven Development
because it's your money

Further improvements and features will be chosen and voted on by the community of users within the Remix network.

Secure and Anonymous
Cryptonote Currency

Remix at its core was designed to provide resistance against blockchain analysis by choosing the right combination of open-source projects, such as Monero (XMR).

Here are few things we have planned

All development milestones and features implemented will be chosen
by the community using a voting system tied to the blockchain.

  • Wallets

    You will be able to access your RMX from the Web, Desktop, Android, and IOS Devices.

  • Atomic Swap

    We plan to implement a cross-chain swapping feature to allow RMX to be exchanged for other currency.

  • I2P Privacy

    The Remix Network will implement an optional added layer of security via an I2P interface.

  • Voting System

    Either on-chain or off, a community voting system will allow users of RMX to decide development goals.

  • Integrations

    What's the point of a coin if you can't spend it? RMX can be integrated into many e-commerce services and payment gateways.

  • Hardware

    Real, tangible stuff. Hardware wallets, Point of Sale terminals, our hardware team has big plans!

Initium Novum

Initial Release of Remix, multiple mainnet and testnet nodes online